We are an innovative global web and marketing agency, satisfying clients across a variety of industries,
from retail to finance, since 2001.

Fresh Echo is a strategic partner with CEOs, CMOs and entrepreneurs, powerfully translating their visions and requirements in an interactive context. Projects have included visual branding strategies, executing and designing revenue channels for ecommerce clients, maximizing ROI, and operating as their clients’ web/marketing divisions.

Clients include private and public companies such as
ROTH Capital Partners, BLISS, Belkin, Mandara Spa
and more.


Bennett Fisher Picture

Bennett Fisher

Founder & Project Manager

Bennett is a veteran of the web industry: his first entrepreneurial venture was an early version of a Facebook-like platform. Managing a team of 75, he was the architect of the site, ultimately building a community of over 4 million users before selling the company in early 2001.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from the New York University Stern School of Business. He also coaches several competitive soccer teams (in addition to the Mission Bay High School girls varsity soccer squad), and lives in San Diego with his wife and three children. (And he was on Wheel of Fortune when he was 19 years old.)

Jason Geitzenauer Picture

Jason Geitzenauer

Co-Founder & Software Architect

Jason is the master software architect behind large volume e-commerce and brand web sites. As the lead developer on many of FEI’s most important clients, Jason specializes in helping companies design and develop their ideas and, and in bringing those ideas to live, online. He is a self-proclaimed technology junkie, and he’s an expert on legacy (old) web platforms.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona. He lives outside of Denver with his wife and two children.

Bennett, Jason and the team bring vast, nimble experience to the hundreds of companies they have supported over the past 15 years.


interactive web development

technology consulting

web design

e-mail marketing and management


collateral/print marketing

web site management

brand strategy

database development

marketing strategy


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